Best Restaurants in Leeds

Feeling hungry? Then you have come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best restaurants in Leeds, including the most popular hotspots and even Michelin Star restaurants. We tried to focus on the most unique restaurants in and around Leeds with top quality dishes in incredible venues. We hope you enjoy this article and discover some new places to indulge in some tasty food.



Starting off strong we have Home, a stunning tasting restaurant located on Leeds River Aire. Here you can experience a taste of not one, not two, but up to 10 gorgeous inspiring dishes that each have their own story to tell. You’ll find the dishes are full of life, colour and most importantly flavour from the top quality ingredients they use. In addition to food, the interior is fantastic, honing in on an array of beautiful tablework, furniture and artwork, topping off the Home restaurant tasting experience. 



Continuing the theme of small tasty dishes we have Bundobust, a casual Indian dine in serving flavoursome Indian street food. Serving up small dishes means customers have the chance to try a range of exciting Indian street food dishes, rather than having to only pick one. Furthermore they offer a choice of locally and imported craft beers to enjoy alongside your dishes. Bundobust is known to be one of the best restaurants in Leeds hence why they now have a Bundobust location in Manchester as well as Liverpool!

The Man Behind the Curtain


Still going strong we have The Man Behind the Curtain, one of the only Michelin Star restaurants in Leeds city. This stunning restaurant is known for its unique take on serving up modern as well as quirky foods in a well designed, modern and quite like no other restaurant location. If you’re into art and restaurant experiences like no other, The Man Behind the Curtain is certainly a one to add to your list.



Located in Leeds Trinity shopping centre is Crafthouse, a gorgeous hotspot restaurant with an elegant, modish industrial interior. At Crafthouse expect the unexpected with top spot seasonal changing British menus as well as complimentary fine wines. Enjoy the top quality, locally sourced ingredients infused with incredible flavours, whilst enjoying the spectacular views across Leeds city. A must visit if you’re looking for luxury food heaven.

Sushi Bar Hanamatsuri


Moving on for those Sushi lovers we have Sushi Bar Hanamatsuri, an exquisite authentic sushi bar created by Chef Kaoru Nakamura. What makes this sushi restaurant extra unique is the Omakase dining sushi bar experience, a restaurant where the chef chooses what dishes you have! You put your trust in the hands of the professional one of a kind sushi chef. This Sushi restaurant is popular in Leeds so make sure you make a booking in advance.

Black Market


If you’re looking for a top notch, top quality and reasonably priced restaurant to enjoy some delicious modern cuisine, Black Market is the place for you. From small plates to brunch, evening meals or a Sunday Lunch they have it all and full of incredible flavour too! Experience contemporary cooking with a playful twist of local and international flavours for the ideal mouth-watering dishes.



Next up we have Tharavadu, located just across from Leeds train station. Tharavadu serves up exceptional traditional Kerala dishes, including flavoursome Southern Indian dishes in a contemporary distinguished venue. The chefs are renowned for their traditional ways of cooking, born and brought up in Kerala which makes Tharavadu so unique. If you’re looking for a top quality curry house and one of the best restaurants in Leeds, Tharavadu is a great place for it.



Last but not least we have Fazenda, a rodizio-style bar and grill restaurant in Leeds. They serve up to 15 choices of unbelievable grilled meat to your table with a variety of salads and other delicious hot meals. Fazenda pride themselves on top quality dishes along with outstanding service and friendly staff. Enjoy all you can eat plates in a unique and vibrant environment.

Overview of best restaurants in Leeds

We hope you enjoyed exploring the array of delicious cuisines in and around Leeds city centre. From Indian street food, British contemporary, Rodizio-style and sensational sushi, we tried to cover a restaurant everyone can enjoy! Make sure to tag us in any delicious pictures you take using our socials below, for now Enjoy Leeds.